Our tour packages are more than just plans; they're pathways to unique memories. For extra excitement, our exclusive day tours promise surprises at every corner. Our reliable fleet includes cozy cars, top-notch vans, and luxurious coaches to cater to different group sizes.

When you pick Boundless Travel Sri Lanka, expect a seamless experience guided by fluent English-speaking drivers who exude professionalism. Your safety is paramount, so we've partnered with trusted insurance providers to offer comprehensive passenger coverage. From the second you arrive until you bid farewell, our 24/7 customer support ensures your Sri Lankan holiday is smooth and stress-free. Count on us to make your journey exceptional and etched in your memories.

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Fueling Adventure and Sparking Innovation in the World of Travel

Our goal is simple yet exciting: we're here to bring you unforgettable moments and innovation as you explore the world. At Boundless Travel Sri Lanka, we've crafted a dynamic and adaptable organization dedicated to anticipating market trends and enhancing your travel experiences.

With a wealth of talent and creativity, we're equipped to curate tour packages that match your interests perfectly. Our options are wide-ranging, covering everything from deep cultural immersions and romantic honeymoons in peaceful havens to private retreats in charming boutique hotels. If you're more inclined towards tranquil beach getaways, dreamy destination weddings, or heart-pounding adventures, we have you covered.

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Prasanna Kumara

founder and managing director
Meet our founder

As the founder and driving force behind Boundless Travel Sri Lanka, Mr. Kumara has revolutionized the way travel experiences are curated and delivered. His deep-rooted passion for exploration and a profound understanding of the intricate nuances of the industry have led to the creation of a travel company that resonates with excellence, authenticity, and innovation.

Mr. Kumara's journey began with his academic pursuits, where he honed his strategic thinking and leadership skills. He then seamlessly transitioned into the world of travel and tourism, where his profound knowledge of business management merged harmoniously with his love for discovering new horizons. This unique combination has allowed him to steer Boundless Travel Sri Lanka toward consistent growth and unmatched customer satisfaction.